I wanna be the retro!
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Post by Miracle Sat May 01, 2010 10:03 pm

Yosniper is yet another one of my Beta testers
see his I wanna be the retro Talk-through here.

Now where shall I start with yosniper?
well for a starter his Videos are quite enjoyable and Is recommended that you subscribe to him ASAP he did mention a lot of both a strong mixture of good and bad comments and suggestions about I wanna be the retro. He Complained that the game was mostly spikes spikes and spikes well its spikes spikes and spikes no more my friend. Another suggestion was to make the game have controls as he wanted to use "F" and "Space" well the new version will indeed have what you wished for. And thanks mate for beta testing! I will make it worth your while once the final thing is released. Very Happy

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